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Subject:  ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!
Date:  5/28/07, 7:51am
I LOVE IT! You know what this sound is: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is the main stream media whining & crying, bitching & moaning about the Yankees. Let me call them a Wambulance! I love it! The media is so much in love & in bed with the Yankees that they are crying because the Yankees have sucked so damn bad this season(atleast by Yankee standards). ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! I don't give a damn! I think it's the most beautiful thing in the world, especially the world of baseball. I want the Yankees lose forever! I could care less if they won another game. Baseball in general, & partularly the the butt humping main stream media generally says that it is best for baseball if the Yankees are winning & always in the thick of things. BULLSHIT! I think it's great for baseball when they are not winning, but WHINING, like little girls. I guess you can just call me Robinhood because I would love to see the Yankees get contracted from baseball & give their riches to the poor, the Devil Rays & Royals of the world. New York only needs one team anyway, the Mets. Why do I hate the Yankees so damn much? Read my blog. I know there are people on Baseballgeeks who get tired of hearing about my Yankee hate speeches, but to me, it is a right of passage. I have to do this atleast once a year.

Personally, I love the fact that the media stays in bed with the New York Yankees, because I love to hate the Yanks & the media's bitching, crying, moaning, & whining. I just wish the Yankees franchise would die! DEATH TO THE YANKEES! What a joyous day that would be. I know this will never happen because the media & baseball will never allow this to happen, which is why I hate them all the more! No, I'm not a Red Sox fan, or Mets fan, or even a disgruntled small market team fan. I just hate the #%*#ing Yankees & their ass kissing supporters, mainly the main stream media. I know! Things are the way they are & I should just live with it & deal with it! I say horseshit! It doesn't mean I have to follow lockstep like all of the other people who become bandwagon Yankee fans because they are ignorant & just start liking them because the media keeps the Yankees as a constant sex symbol & keeps them popular because they just won't shut the #*%# up about them.

I hope the Yankees NEVER RECOVER. It is good for baseball if they don't.

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