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Subject:  What is coming up: BaseballGeeks Podcast #3
Date:  1/20/06, 12:54pm (Last Edited: 1/20/06, 4:40pm)
Topics for discussion in Podcast #3, Volume 1:

World Baseball Classic (including Arod the King of flip floppers); fantasy baseball statistics ownership... might be a mention of ugliest baseball players of all time (dependent upon if I can review some of my 70s baseball cards in time)

II. Player Track 2Bs top 10 and who to look out for who is not on the list...

III. False Rumors Quiz

IV. Biggest Mistake again, or how about something we did right segment?

Any comments related to the above, questions to us, criticisms, etc?

Additionally, if you would like to advertise on the podcast, check out

We are recording Sat or Sun.

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